Information for DI Teams

It has come to our attention that teams participating in the Destination Imagination Program have concerns based on the new site for their Global Finals as well as the price structure. Please read below to find out more information about Odyssey of the Mind and Our World Finals and consider giving us a chance to be your creative problem solving program of choice!

Get To Know Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind is the original creative problem solving program, was founded in 1978 and we are proud to be celebrating our 40th anniversary! In 1999 a group split off from Odyssey of the Mind to form their own program Destination Imagination. Delaware Odyssey of the Mind has been and continues to serve the kids and families of Delaware. While it is important for kids to be involved in some type of creative problem solving program, there are distinct differences.

  1. Delaware Odyssey of the Mind costs significantly less for schools, teams and families.
  2. Delaware Odyssey is completely volunteer run so all registration fees go back to the program and the kids. Delaware Odyssey does not pay any salaries and we are fueled by the kid’s creativity!
  3. Delaware Odyssey Volunteer Leaders have over 300 years of participating in Odyssey of the Mind.
  4. Odyssey of the Mind National Membership fee has remained at $135 for 20 years to ensure it is an accessible program for all schools, districts, and families. Higher cost does not necessarily equal higher quality, it just makes it less affordable.
  5. Problems are designed based on Dr. Sam’s college creative problem solving course he established.
  6. Problem Writers have been producing problems for competition for over 40 years. This group includes founding members of the program as well as Odyssey Alumni.
  7. Odyssey of the Mind Problem Writers incorporate past learning experiences into new problems.
  8. Every problem is reviewed by experts who have spent decades learning the process of developing divergent problems.
  9. Odyssey of the Mind has a clarification system established to ensure the problems do not inadvertently stifle creativity.
  10. Odyssey of the Mind problems average 6 pages compared to over 20 pages for DI.
  11. CCI was created in 1979 and is a small, privately-held company to ensure that the problems used in Odyssey of the Mind are developed by experienced writers. While DI is a non-profit, that is only a tax status, it is still a business. In fact, DI has had over $2M in net assets in 2016 and in 2017 – check for yourself.