Coaches Training Resources

Information presented at the Coaches Training Sessions are available below.

These presentations are intended for Coaches and their Teams for the 2020 competition season.

These materials are not optimized for mobile and should be viewed either on a desktop, a laptop, or a tablet.

OM Coaches Training Welcome

New Coaches

Intro to OM and Team Development 2019-20 New
Unpacking the Problem 2019-20
Preparing for Competition 2019-20 New

Experienced Coaches

Team Development and Upping Their Game Experienced 2019-20
Preparing for Competition Experienced 2019-20
Spontaneous Festival and Fundraising Tips 2019-20


Style 2019-20
Coaches_Spontaneous_Training_2019-20 (final)

Spontaneous Sample Problems

up up and out.pdf
broken treasures.pdf
out of place.pdf
things change.pdf
stuff it.pdf
up up & out_TC.pdf
broken treasures_TC.pdf
out of place_TC.pdf
things change_TC.pdf
stuff it_TC.pdf